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Enrichment Activities

Enrichment activities at Harpeth Manor senior living

Staying active has a number of positive benefits. We not only are committed to looking after our residence health, but we place an emphasis on staying active.

When physically and socially active, you can improve physical health and mood, increase stamina, achieve higher brain functioning, increase concentration and allow for continued learning.

At Harpeth Manor, we have a wide variety of daily activities to continually enrich our residents lives.

Therapeutic Techniques

  • Coordination and memory games

  • Board games

  • Bingo and trivia 

  • Puzzles

  • Calming tools

  • Grounding

  • Walking

  • Relaxation Techniques and pampering

  • Religious Activities 

Group Activities

  • Planning themed parties 

  • Decorating for seasonal celebrations

  • Book club and librarian

  • Movie nights and afternoon matinee

  • Service projects 

  • Community engagement

Arts and Crafts

  • Group art projects and crafts

  • Knitting and crochet

  • Painting, drawing, coloring

  • Baking, meal prep, and seasoning dessert making

Community Enrichment

  • Pet Therapy

  • Story Telling

  • Guest Entertainers

  • Music and dance

  • Yoga and group exercise

  • Beauty, glamour, and pampering

  • Vegetable and flower gardening

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